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The salad that big the daily life of a family has should be fruit salad and vegetable salad, but do not know everybodyShanghai noble baby

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Had heard of beefsteak salad. And the salad taste that use beefsteak makes also is first-rate, and the administrative levels of mouthfeel feels very rich. And in the process in salad of the beefsteak that make, the making method with other salad also is a little different. Introduce the specific practice about beefsteak salad today for everybody. Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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 The practice encyclopedia of beefsteak salad

Feed capable person

Vegetable, beefsteak

The method that make

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1, all advocate makings get ready, include vegetable, biscuit place, beefsteak;

2, surface of double of beefsteak positive and negative is scattered on nowSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The black peppery bead that wear and sea salt;

3, bake biscuit bead golden color with oven, mix together with salad all, transfer into next salad sauce (salad juice it is good that everybody comes according to him taste) ;

4, beefsteak surface (two sides) drench on right amount olive oil;

5, bowl opens conflagration to heat, burn to bowl boiling hot (must enough heat ability is OK, otherwise hematic water can spill over cause wet weak condition is very bad) , put beefsteak next, 2 ~ turn after 3 minutes 90 degrees, again 2 minutes (the time of decoct beefsteak is breathed out the 5th times inside the point that everybody hints before specific reference) ;

6, search beefsteak the area, continue decoct 2 minutes, turn again next 90 degrees of decoct 2 ~ 3 minutes of;

 The practice encyclopedia of beefsteak salad

7, the beefsteak with good decoct is put in at least 3 ~ rest 5 minutes on a frame, let spare hematic flow go out, next section (or not section, place directly dish when eating, oneself are cut, see him be fond of, I basically am this to let everybody see inside incarnadine)

Raw ingredient beefsteak salad

Raw material

Sanded Lang Niu discharges 300 grams (already take out periphery is adipose skirt edge) , sesame seed leaf or other salad leaf 2 big, salt is right amount, peppery right amount, Pamasengan cheese olive oil is right amount, right amount.


Protein reduces weight.


1, beefsteak returns room temperature, wipe moisture. 2, decoctLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The conflagration on boiler.

3, beefsteak is scattered salt and peppery, drench on trifling olive oil wipes divide evenly with the hand.

 The practice encyclopedia of beefsteak salad

4, boiler is enough after heat, discharge the ox, every decoct makes an appointment with 2-3 minute.

5, in dish of bowl is being put after decoct is good, cover with tinfoil paper paper quiet place makes an appointment with 5-15 minute.

6, sesame seed leaf catchs divide evenly with a few olive oil and sea salt.

7, beefsteak is pressed gentlyShanghai Long Feng forum

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, analyse of horizontal inclined knife is thick piece.

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