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By HopFrog development, the ARPG of type of nurturance of wind resembling element that Humble Bundle issues ” Laputa content language (Forager) ” should be first half of the year most one of independent play that get attention, developer called his confluence ” language of astral dew cereal ” farm game big frame, ” Saierda is fabulous ” battle mode and ” Tailaruiya ” tall freedom spends a map to extend pattern, with pure and fresh and lovely 2D picture resembling element lets a player experience a joy and substantial risk. Land Steam platform formally on April 18, 2019, plan the 2nd quarter rolls out NS and PS4 edition this year. The rudiment of game was born the earliest 2016 the bottom is called ” GameMaker Studio 2 – Beta Jam ” contest of developer of 72 hours of game, ” Laputa content language ” the good result that obtained the 2nd at the outset, after game DEMO is put to Http:// to download freely for lover, attracted many players very quickly by right of novel game means, end this DEMO was downloaded more than 250 thousand times in all before put on sale. According to the official introduction in Steam shop page, go up newly the expansion that the complete edition of the line had many content side on DEMO foundation, include the brand-new islands zoology such as desert, graveyard, snow mountain, volcano; System of the battle setting of formal diversity and perfect equipment, skill; Similar ” the star shows cereal sign ” farm imitate mechanism, can through helping advance somebody’s career crop is mixed raise money of domestic animals earn to buy more islands to extend mobile space; Still have refine gold besides system, archaeology system, gross the content such as 64 kinds of skill and random incident, make sure the player can be in tens of obtain in the game of the hour rich and the experience of diversification. ” Laputa content language ” basic frame and operation are very simple, the player all controls frisky hero with perspective of look down at in the whole journey in game, through hunting, cultivate land, dig the primary activity such as mine to earn money, buy the other lot all round initiative islands next, come so not only territory is able to extend, brand-new resource, riddle ans outpost of the tax office or can be being included toward contact on the isle of new open up is battle setting. The collect that passes resource and allocate, the stage property that the player can make is increasing, enhanced battle ability already, method of mystery of patulous also understanding, let a player can freer land acts in game. The tall freedom of game means spends the another large characteristic put oneself in another’s position of this game now on, the system did not provide a player compulsively actually must according to a certain secure a road or be method will have game, the development that endowment cultivates is full by player apiration, system of the farm that mentions above, building, warfare each very complete, the player can love the adventurous life that will model a hero completely according to his. It is the farmer of grass of absorption implantation beautiful flowers and plants, a brave and strong person holding a sword that brave charges subterranean city still makes base into the engineer of factory of a vigor, the system is the imagination that allows player him play and specialty not just, go up to encourage such doing even somehow, all sorts of choices that measure the player that prop up to be spent high freely with the content of plentiful and hobby. The mechanism of ceaseless renascence allows game resource player forever not anxious does not have a thing to be able to be done, arboreous, ore, flowers and plants, small the speed that waits an element a moment to be able to cooperate a player reap resource quite (this be decided by at whether pointing out science and technology makes more advanced Tie Gao) continuously refresh, and the resource system other one side in numerous and jumbled, it is the new establishment that nods ceaseless develop to come showpiece through skill, new recipe and new stage property, be a player build, education and exploration provide the power with constant in a steady stream. Finally, the 2D that is full of Tong Qu as wind of a picture resembles element game, ” Laputa content language ” operation feel is unexpected outstanding, of phonic effect and image cooperate to look to be debugged in great quantities with respect to the course with optimize, all sorts of sound effect that do not collect a place with attribute mix together, even if repeats about a hundred times also won’t let a person feel as dry as a chip. The another big characteristic of game is the sense of humor that nowhere is absent, the picture itself that hops not only is appearing the breath with one lively share, and in prop and partial bridge paragraph person split one’s sides with laughter also lets on the design. Believe a lot of people play here the metropolis is astonied leave for instance bureau the goddess in the first spring that encounter, saying to want little contribute money only in the mouth, the result jumps out awesomely on next flashy screen ” 1000 ” piece day price demand. Want to know in ability of work laboriously of primary level player assemble of a few a few ground give little money to purchase an island, this price as good as starts to talk greatly at the lion, humorous atmosphere also comes out because of this was built naturally. Adventruous BOSS battle ” Laputa content language ” although the framework is pure, but enough content is measured and exquisite feel is in game jointly besides outstanding picture resembling element build a strong appeal, what in sign of business conduct propaganda is being developed with respect to meeting discovery after practical experience, say ” Saierda + grass content language + Tailaruiya ” infrastructure is not exaggerated, the will most absorbing after passing careful thinking however part abstraction in these 3 classical game comes out, cover again on the case resembling element that oneself make meticulously child, become finally ” Laputa content language ” this outstanding work. Show the Steam player nowadays to perhaps had seen too much the open world of wind resembling element, perhaps had felt to this kind of agitation wearily, but this play absolute value must try.

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