” switchback magnate world ” will experience level first at was being entered on March 30

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” switchback magnate world ” (RollerCoaster Tycoon World) although fail as scheduled last year in December put on sale, also did not cause too much vermicelli made from bean starch to chase after hold in both hands, but issue Shang Yada benefit to express this making will on March 30 open Steam experiences first.

Everybody may have been guessed, we had had large-scale test stealthily, invited a few members in player group, check this from this year the beginning of the year begins to undertake. The person that this approves a test brought a lot of progress for us, offerred originality of precious feedback opinion, test to wait a moment, the participation that we realize a player is decision-making to the design of this game special and important. To their enthusiasm and contribution, the affection of our gratitude is not had express with character, they provided inspiration for us, it is better to be brought for everybody ” switchback magnate world “

We thank Nvizzio of the group that make and quality control group even, they are in charge of this project indefatigably all the time. ” switchback magnate world ” first experience edition contained a lot of content, we hope everybody can experience the change that since we check from Beta, makes.

This is a paragraph brand-new itinerary. ” switchback magnate world ” proceed is developed and will improve. The player can have produced immediate effect to game development now, we will take sport to new height.

After issueing this statement, elegant Dali continues to express clearly, they are appropriate without specific plan let ” switchback magnate world ” the end experiences level first, official put on sale. They hope when after all function all comes true, reappearance sells out full page.

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