” legend is lasting ” 3 hierarch are fabulous blaze of 1 area intense is hot now open

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” legend is lasting ” now afternoon at 14 o’clock open blaze of 1 area intense, with the classical content of former juice raw ingredient, assist in all with player of 500 million legend legend a grand occasion. Lend this good chance, small make up with 3 hierarch fokelore video and everybody are recalled together classical, have more explode solely the confidential content that expects treasure is relevant.

Afterwards ray, thunderbolt explodes in succession full hind, in strong voice of the player, blaze of 1 area intense is formal now open, once 3 brother are assembled in again. Game is a target with making 3D legend, the legend of raw ingredient of heavy model former juice is classical, open the power that takes grand occasion enough to prove feelings hotly.

15 years ago today, we push Shi Menchu to enter Ma law, kill a deer to take the flesh, be compared unexpectedly all the way strange; After 15 years today, we stand in Shabake alliance of look into the distance is heavy over city gate, 10 lis of Huang Sha, still old times about in former days brother meets again, warm blood not recoin legend!

Demon of Wo Ma teaching, rainbow teachs, Zu Ma teaching is the 3 big denomination with Ma the oldest law, ever facilitated for a time 3 taught alliance, try in vain to dominate whole mainland. And mysterious hierarch people also be the fabulous and general existence in game, the baby that its drop more be chased after to hold in both hands by player place. Today, follow small make up walk into 3 hierarch together, unlock the secret of their backside.

Fertile Ma hierarch is half animal person 3 teach greatly one of, it is the Wo Ma that has endless inheritance on Ma law mainland teachs. Hierarch front Niu Shouren form, give birth to the fertile Ma the founder of a religion that has tremendous bat ala rear. His exact age has not been person place to know, it is every other hundreds years only, religion numerous people can hold in Wo Ma cloister sacrificial, with the blood of thousands of devotional believer, hierarch weighs Rangwoma shine new student, gain stronger strength.

Rainbow demon hierarch once was the heroic character of a shake Ma law, get however the temptation of dark force, combine the soul and the outer form of half animal person, became hair-raising devil. The rainbow demon that founds single-handed by him teachs, teach with Wo Ma teaching, Zu Ma and call half animal person 3 big denomination. 5 dragon defend rise abruptly hierarch of demon letting rainbow is temporarily retired, in deep and serene stone grave crypt, his enthusiastic collection is magical arms edge tool, put-up lift a foul wind and a rain of blood again.

The ancestor Ma hierarch of great talent and bold vision is one of 3 archbishop of Ma law mainland, he has deep love for his clansman, it is in order to revitalize Zu Ma teaching oneself. In the war of hundred years is being counted with half animal person in the mankind, zu Ma teaching is in neutralization all the time, neither helps. But the bare month devil of experienced and astute won’t let off so strong helper, entice in his below, ancestor Ma hierarch drinks the blood of next devil that can enhance power, it is nowadays in the brains of his absolutely empty, had not left pron any thing besides kill.

Elite is strange by the refresh means that secures a place originally, change the way that is random place refresh. With old legend, ” legend is lasting ” small quite also odds explodes a rare prop, bring player more accident and surprise.

” legend is lasting ” it is grand game is used visional the 3D of own research and development locks up 3 engine perspective MMORPG is large end swims. It continued of legend series play law and strong PK character, inheritance the professional system that war doctrine, withheld the former juice raw ingredient of classic version, it is the 3D legend that north fights atelier to be dedicated to making.

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