Is treasure knife old already? Microsoft announces a news be about to lead plane of stop production Xbox 360

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Microsoft announced a news a few days ago, the company will be in new edition of near future stop production Xbox 360 lead plane, current of course inventory will proceed sells, corresponding policy also meets some distinguish between different country.

When last year November Xbox 360 has walked along the harships that passed 10 years, this platform created hour of 78 billion game, have mark of 486 billion game about, achievement amounts to 27 billion, beautiful in Apps time also has 25 billion.

Of course, the service that Xbox 360 is aimed at in Xbox Live still can continue to move, include much person game, group right, App is landed, gold insider game and discount. The retail game of Xbox 360 also can continue put on sale, in the light of the hardware of Xbox 360 support also can continue.

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