NX will obtain a large number of tripartite manufacturers to support glory to be made newly land NX

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NX lead plane will appear on the market in March 2017, since day of put on sale had decided, at present the player cares most besides the price, outside hardware configuration, still what game lands NX, duobuduo. There is in-house personage to say NX lead plane will have magnanimity before game of one party, so Where is tripartite?

The intermediary outside occupying reports ” dead or unripe ” series issues Shang Guangrong special library rub what be development of NX lead plane to was not announced is new make. Whether is Shang Buqing Hunan NX molopolizes at present.

Besides glory spy library rub outside, pass EA to also can land many future game NX lead plane. The FPS net that inspects according to transmission additionally swims ” destiny 2 ” and this year ” mission call 13 ” also can land NX. If the circumstance is true, so battle array of tripartite game should compare NX mainframe Wii U is strong many.

The E3 this year, ren Tiantang won’t announce any things related to NX lead plane. Allegedly Ren Tiantang just will announce new leader NX formally at the end of the year.

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