2016 heroes surpass leg to announce in allied season begin battle RNG is opposite a CLG

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2016 ” the hero is allied ” the championship in season (abbreviation: MSI) will on May 4 13: 00 in Shanghai east the sports center opens opening formally. FW of wolf of lightning of competion area of SKTT1 of competion area of RNG of competion area of G2 of competion area of LCS of CLG of competion area of North America LCS, Europe, LPL, LCK, LMS and invitational tournament of the card outside coming from international (abbreviation: IWCI) the SuperMassive of Turkey league matches will assemble in Shanghai, for 2016 ” the hero is allied ” the champion pot of the championship in season spreads out intense contention. As group of 6 promotion battle be born, the final leg of the championship in 2016 season also decides subsequently, the RNG battle group that represents LPL go out for a battle is in begin battle admiral greets champion of North America LCS CLG and outside the challenge of SuperMassive of champion blocking contest! (attention: All date and time all are Beijing time)

RNG and CLG two battle group although be apart 10 thousand lis, but they promote 2016 ” the hero is allied ” the way of the championship in season is unusually similar however. On the final of 2016LPL and contest of spring of North America LCS, what RNG faces is EDG of LPL powerful group, and CLG is right blast is the TSM of North America rich and powerful family that has Doublelift, Yellowstar, Bjergsen. It is probably in most person mental view, EDG and TSM just are the battle group that they think to should promote, but who did final actual strength decide can earnest establishs summit summit. RNG and CLG have very young double nucleus player. In the Xiaohu that 2016LPL total final shines brilliantly and Wuxx, they go up in international contest a show general Huhi of the sheet in facing CLG Xin Rui and AD player Stixxay, and same a trial that mounts international scenic RNG to hit wild Mlxg to also will accept world contest. RNG3 young team member whether below pressure play gives full actual strength, the crucial factor that becomes the score a success of RNG. Of course, to RNG once ” the hero is allied ” Mata of gainer of MVP of global total final, can depend on its rich contest experience, the new show that helps RNG people the better rhythm that gets used to international contest. The opening in RNG and CLG in battle, who can withstand pressure, reduce meaningless error, who can obtain the match to win victory first machine.

In the 6th match May 4, RNG general and outside the SuperMassive of league matches of Turkey blocking contest is right blast. To a lot of audiences even for professional player, superMassive is a very new battle line, but they show the actual strength that gave regnant level however on the competition ground that invitational tournament blocks outside international. In final final, superMassive with 3: The Russia of achievement beat easily of 1 HR battle group, build went up the last bus of the championship in 2016 season. To RNG, superMassive is a secret division, its hit law and characteristic to need more time to induce with summary. so-called state contest does not have weak force, with the meeting of SuperMassive, inadequate to adversary research, become the stumbling block with the largest RNG likely. Face mysterious SuperMassive, RNG needs to enhance the knowledge to adversary, accomplish firm in strive for victory, just be place of key of victory or defeat.

On May 4, 2016 ” the hero is allied ” the flames of war of the championship in season will be in Shanghai Oriental sports center is ignited, 6 worlds top class ” the hero is allied ” battle group gathers together hereat, the champion throne with the final championship in be season jointly initiates concussion. Regard a delegate as China ” the hero is allied ” the RNG of battle group go out for a battle, longing uses his outstanding show, will 2016 ” the hero is allied ” the pot of the championship in season stays in China. RNG whether in begin CLG of the conquer in battle, obtain make a good beginning?

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