” rainbow 6: Besiege ” grey line acts will go up the line introduces two new roles

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Although Yo greens jade recently by ” whole area blocks ” do terribly defeatedly, but they or decision shoot your work for another on schedule ” rainbow 6: Besiege ” release new content. If you want to learn spirit of a female military or the word that are black beard in game, so the preparation that greets DLC of grey line operation had been made on May 11.

In the DLC that in this fund name acts for grey line, yo green jade will serve two freely to come from arms of taxi of army of special type of American naval seal for the player, it is outfit stock respectively stickup it is OK like the head to photograph offer for the team super- strong diagnosed female fierce is magical, and deserve to have armor shield on the gun man-to-man simply inapproachable black beard. And outside these two parts, this free DLC still will bring a series of altering for game, it is detailed content below:

Partial part undertakes adjustment: The small equipment of I.Q has better visual feedback now, the shield of Montagne strengthened flank to defend ability, the LMG of Tachanka is being put and use on more simple;

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