Analytic orgnaization thinks and move inspect part company advantageous to Bungie ” destiny 3 ” went out 2020

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So far, expose to the sun today go out move inspecting the message that parts company with Bungie to be afraid of was 2019 the biggest queasy event that game bound produces. And in future, bungie will be assumed alone ” destiny ” develop and issue of series, and move inspect will complete must not have a hand in. Research a上海千花网交友

nalyses company Cowen Company to although shared the view to this one message,be in today in a report of investor, this company forecasts Bungie to will be released 2020 ” destiny 3 ” . Forecast generally before this and industry without distinction, because ” destiny 2 ” and ” destiny 1 ” the interval between is 3 years. ” destiny 1 ” issued 2014, 2017 ” destiny 2 ” go up line. According to Cowen Company the analysis says: Move inspect and the original agreement requirement between Bungie is biennially rolls out ” destiny ” new play, but the hair between-line spaci爱上海同城手机版

ng that final Bungie chose 3 years. This difficulty facilitated to move inspect and Bungie to ” destiny ” this IP operation moves toward split up increasingly, brought about finally today’s part company thoroughly. Cowen Company expresses, although ” destiny ” and ” destiny 2 ” the likelihood gained c上海贵族宝贝交流区

ertain success on player foundation, but game was not achieved move inspect want the sort of ” can last income flows ” dimensions. In fact, move inspect administrative layer to express recently, ” destiny 2 ” fail to achieve its commerce to anticipate, accordingly, this company is being searched will more small trade the method that takes sport. And Bungie turns nowadays for from operation ” destiny ” date, whether does this strategy remain effectively still to observe. Bungie tries will ” destiny 2 ” become more optional and friendly will enlarge player group, although ” involuntary discharge of urine falls a group of things with common features ” version got of essayist and vermicelli made from bean starch reputably, in redeem player discharge to go to the lavatory to be done not quite as before. This analysis orgnaization still says, move inspect and can put strategic focus on oneself IP, for instance ” mission call ” , although its economic certainly will inside brief period suffers blow (move inspected a stock to had dropped) . Mention in the report at the same time, bungie for ” redemptive ” pay probably to move inspect brushstroke charge, in order to call in ” destiny ” droit, but this not good at the thing. Move inspect blizzard is probable continued to announce to reduce finance directive in Feburary. Finally, analytic orgnaization sums up: “Through consulting we think this decides to be opposite ” destiny “爱上海同城论坛

for be the front, not allow because of one hill 2 tigers, when leader layer gives out two different sound, the development of this game is to step forward of dimension difficult, this also was brought about ” destiny ” series was on path of a blind. Look in us, ” destiny ” in initial stage it 上海夜网论坛

is a very valuable attempt, fail to achieve however build a compare ” halo ” the height of IP and public praise. Fail to achieve however build a compare ” halo ” the height of IP and public praise..

The specific detailed rules that parts company about two still is announced not much, can af上海千花网龙凤论坛

firm battle net won’t fall only frame ” destiny 2 ” the entrance that start. And move inspect the atelier that is in charge of providing support to game originally for instance High Moon, move inspect may move them toward other item.

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