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Article introduction

Pork is the home raises domestic animals, protein content is inferior, but its adipose content is very high, it is current the commonnest flesh on people table kind. It belongs to red meat, than other flesh kind the price wants low, nutrient value also slightly low, but sexual price is compared tall, and having main effect to the growing development of human body, accordingly veryForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Welcome. Detailed explanation pork has what effect below.

What do change porky effect and action have

Porky effect and action

Gan Xian of 1. pork flavour, sex is smooth, have filling kidney to raise blood into; of classics of lienal, stomach, kidney, embellish skin, benefit 2 mix stopA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Disappear thirsty.

2. pork boils soup drink to issue the fretful, dry cough that can fill urgently to be caused as a result of body fluid inadequacy, constipation and be difficult to do.

What do change porky effect and action have

Pork is applicable crowd

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1.Average person but edible. Appropriate deficiency of yin with irritability is insufficient, giddy, anaemic, old person dry coughs without phlegmy, defecate dry and hard, and hidebound person edible.

What do change porky effect and action have

2.Lay particular stress on, phlegmy to damp and hot wet slant fill, the person of thick be bored with of coating on the tongue, diet pork.

Porky nutrition value

Pork supplies high grade protein and indispensible fatty acid for the mankind. PigLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Roukedi offers blood red element (organic iron) the half Guang ammonia that absorbs with stimulative iron is acerbity, can improve anaemia of the sex that be short of iron.

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How cooking pork

1.Pork wants inclined cut, porky flesh compares fine, muscle character little, be like transversely, fry ripe hind become messy medicinal powder broken, be like inclined cut, can make its not broken, taste do not fill in again tooth; pork shoulds not be long bubble water.

2.Not clean with hot water before pork cook, because be contained in pork one1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Kind the material of flesh dissolve albumen, dissolve easily in the water of 15 Celsius above, if use hot leach bubble to be met be lost is very much nutrition, at the same time taste also owes beautiful.

3.Pork should be thoroughlied cook, because there can be helminth sometimes in pork, if eat raw or when recuperation is not complete, there may be hook tapeworm in liver or cerebral ministry parasitism.

Should not be many after 4. edible pork drink tea, because of the tannic acid of tea meeting and protein synthesis have astringent tannic acid protein, make alvine peristalsis is decelerated, the detention time in lengthening excrement and urine to in bowel, not only easy cause constipation, and return those who added toxic substance and carcinogen to absorb, the influence is healthy.

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