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Article introduction

Buckling the flesh is a very famous traditional cate, a lot of places have what have distinguishing feature alone to buckle the flesh, make buckle the flesh this dish, people can choose the pork with good quality, making the facial expression buckling the flesh that come is golden color, want to eat very much it seems that, smell aroma is tangy, taste special tastily, so very welcome, but want to had been done it is not easy to buckle the flesh, right way introduces below.

How to buckle the flesh to do? Such doing had better eat!

The first, buckle the flesh1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Advocate makings: Pig rib flesh (steaky pork) 500 grams,

Condiment: Soy 25 grams, cooking wine 10 grams, chinese prickly ash 2 grams, honey 10 grams, green Chinese onion 15 grams, ginger 15 grams, anise 3 grams, pea is amylaceous 8 grams, gourmet powder 2 gramsLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, bai Sha candy 5 grams, soybean oil 70 overcome


1. blows pig steaky pork the greasy filth on flay face, nap, abluent, cut big diamonds, put boil inside boiler to 7 mature fish out;

2. wipes leather face on honey, leather look out falls to come into the blast in heating up oil most probably fish out of the red that show internal heat;

3. Chinese prickly ash immerses with water, choose a Chinese prickly ash, continue to employ of water of Chinese prickly ash;

The steaky pork with good scamper 4. changes 9 centimeters long, 0.2 centimeters thick big, the code below leather look out enters a bowl inside, add water of soy, cooking wine, Chinese prickly ash, green paragraph, Jiang Kuai, broth 250 grams, aniseed, white sugar, drawer evaporate rots on;

The meat with good evaporate 5. is taken out, choose condiment broken bits need not, soup juice decant enters round-bottomed frying pan inside, buckle the flesh in dish inside;

The baked wheaten cake on 6. spoon leaves, with wet starch 15 grams (8 grams add starch water) tick off Gorgon euryale, add gourmet powder, drench bright oil, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Irrigate in dish inside buckle the flesh to go up to be become namely.

How to buckle the flesh to do? Such doing had better eat!

The 2nd, Sichuan buckles the flesh


Steaky pork, dish of appropriate guest bud, chinese prickly ash, ginger, anise, lilac, soy, white sugar, often smoke, salt


1, steaky pork cuts chunk, put boil in clear water to firm water receiving blood (boiled process is plunged into with the chopstick, what blood waterlogging is done not have to go out in hole can) , after be being scooped a bit cool, wipe on the skin a few white sugar, old smoke, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Make it chromatic, air stops water almost to the surface.

2, little little oil is put in boiler, the fleshShanghai night net

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Piece below Pi Chao, scamper comes leather face is golden. I am afraid that deepfry is worn, oil hind is put in boiler on transfer to a lower level of day of fleshy piece skin, build upper cover rekindle next, hearing the sound in boiler, feel about the same, after closing again, put away after lid.

3, among the skin with good blast a bit anxious ha, irrespective, blow with the penknife, how to wear also get security to go up, deepfry is worn can not breath out amusedly from height, say to forbid to still affect hairdressing.

4, the flesh that scamper crosses is cut a bit thick piece, leather face lap is good in the shop end the bowl, the proposal is not cut too thin, clip of the chopstick after otherwise evaporate passes does not rise.

5, move into juice with white sugar of soy, a few, right amount clear water, salt, irrigate a half to be on the flesh, place bead of bit of Chinese prickly ash, anise, clove, Jiang Si again.

6, dish of bud of an appropriate guest is spread on cutlet, irrigate the half juice that remain to be on the flesh again next, place bead of bit of Chinese prickly ash, anise, clove, Jiang Si again likewise, high-pressured boiler lies between water steam 40 minutes or so can.

How to buckle the flesh to do? Such doing had better eat!

The 3rd, Mei Cai buckles the flesh


Steaky pork 1 1/2 jin, prune dish 3 2, lardy 1 big spoon, 1. Soy 3 big spoon, wine 1 big spoon, candy 1/2 small spoon, 2. Saline 1/2 small spoon


(The steaky pork that 1) buys cuts big strip lump, wide make an appointment with 6~8 centimeter, use first roll water to iron ripe, after be being taken out, toothpick jab hole is used in pigskin face, on fry make sauce (outside deal) reserve.

(2) heats up oily boiler, become steaky pork fly into rage gold Brown, and after pigskin presents bubbly position, take out, cut thick the chip of about 0.8 centimeter piece, steaky pork does not let diffuse as far as possible when cutting, keep complete figure.

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(Dish of 3) general prune is abluent, cut paragraphs small, put into frying pan to fry dry, join lardy fry sweet, join flavoring finally 1 mix divide evenly.

(4) takes one deep Min (the diameter makes an appointment with 13 centimeter) , it is smooth Ning first in Min, pigskin place is gadarene, Ning when not steaky pork piece spread out, however will whole already cut good steaky pork to be put at the same time. Scatter equably above on salt, make cutlet has saline taste, most above the course of action on Ning the prune dish of 3, last on the lid film, the evaporate in putting a pot for steaming food 2 hours, wait after the flesh is soft, buckle can go up on dish desk edible.

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