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Food. The crab that oneself buy can use water steam ripe, crab matchs red wine should be very good collocation. Just a lot of people also often can use crab of red wine evaporate, just need to notice a few item. Should the taste that can preserve crab, what value does crab of red wine evaporate have?

Crab of red wine evaporate

Crab belongs to the food with cold sex, weakling of intestines and stomach group the appearance with gastric bowel dyspeptic path may be caused after edible, eat the peristalsis that bowel may quicken to after red wine at the same time, cause the appearance of have loose bowels thereby, proposal the circumstance food according to oneself.

Crab nutrition value

Dietotherapy value

Crab contains rich protein and microelement, have very good nourishing effect to the body.

Crab still has fight n/med tuberculosis action, eat crab to have greatly to the rehabilitation of tuberculosis benefit.

Crab sex cold, flavour is salty, put in; of liver, stomach classics ‘s charge to clear hot detoxify, filling bone buys make expectoration easy of the pith, set a broken bone that raise muscle, invigorate the circulation of blood, interest wet retreat limb of yellow, benefit the shade of liver of section, grow, effect that fills gastric juice; is mixed to ache of leg of gore, icteric, waist rheumatism.

Crab of red wine evaporate

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Appropriate crowd

Appropriate injuries from falls, muscle breaks spirit about to give birth of remain of placenta of gall of blood of broken, Yu, puerpera, pregnant woman blast shrink faint, fetal edible of the person that do not fall tardy, blame with crab claw had better;

Jalf congealed of usually taste Xu Han, defecate thin, bellyacke cold of faint, chill did not heal, the person diet; that Sao of skin of old disease having wind, stubborn sex itchs disease suffers from

Menstruation crosses crab of female diet of pregnant woman of much, dysmenorrhoea, bosom, you Ji feeds crab claw.

Food photograph is overcome

Crab cannot feed; together with meat of yam, pumpkin, honey, orange, pear, pomegranate, tomato, cantaloup, earthnut, snail, celery, persimmon, rabbit, jingjie

Eat crab cannot drinkable cold drink can bring about diarrhoea.

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Effect of red wine nutrition

Dietotherapy value

More antioxidant is contained in claret, if phenol changes Selenium of E of C of material of content, tannic acid, yellow ketone, vitamin, vitamin, microelement, zinc, manganese to wait, can be eliminated or antagonism oxygen is free base, have so fight the action; that often prevents disease

The high density lipoprotein that claret can make blood medium (HDL) is elevatory, and the action of HDL is from the organization outside liver cholesterol have a change of luck has metabolization to liver, so can effective reduce hematic cholesterol, ; of sclerosis of appearance of congee of artery of prevention and cure

Crab of red wine evaporate

In all sorts of bishop, the content of alcohol of white black false bellebore in claret is highest. Because alcohol of white black false bellebore can make cancer cell loses mobile ability, the beautiful that so claret is precautionary cancer tastes;

Claret still can be prevented decline fight old, make the skin gives birth to furrow less. Divide drinkable outside, still many people like the put on the skin outside claret at facial the watch that reach put oneself in another’s position, because of low pH indicator fruit acid has the effect that combats the skin that knit clean.

Appropriate crowd

Normal person is right amount and drinkable bishop is healthful.

Pregnant woman, arteriosclerosis person, stomach trouble patient, liver ill patient is unfavorable and drinkable red wine.

Food photograph is overcome

The food that digests with bishop photograph is very little, have hardly, but what must want to notice is, collocation had better not wait with the cured meat of dried meat fish of souse when drinkable bishop, fume dried meat food is contained a large number of pigment, nitrite and inferior saltpetre amine, major nitrite can be eliminated outside human body, but still have ministry branch translate into inferior saltpetre amine stays in human body, in the meantime, fume dried meat food itself place contains inferior saltpetre amine also has ministry branch by human bodyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Absorb, and this inferior saltpetre amine belongs to powerful carcinogen, alcohol is inferior the superexcellent dissolvent of saltpetre amine, when drinking red wine so, do not choose to fume dried meat food.

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